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Gaia (100% Natural)

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Gaia (100% Natural)

The perfume oil Gaia is thoughtfully crafted with over 26 ingredients which are all natural. There is not an iota of any synthetic molecule or aroma compound added to the composition. 

Gaia has a lot of character to it. It is a versatile attar or perfume oil which flirts with different notes. From being an out and out floral, sweet, a little peach like with a lactonic undertone to being a tad animalic and sour. It opens up penetrating a little floral a little sour a little smokey that is reminiscent of plum wine, steam rice, hay, honey and suede leather.

It lingers to the tip of your fingers making you think what it smells like and each time you smell it tells a different story with different characters of the story playing their parts. Sometimes it comes across as floral which quickly transforms into something hay like something leathery. 

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