ML Ramnarain

About us


For five generations now, M.L. Ramnarain Perfumers have been in the business of distillation of essential oils, attars, floral extracts and other raw material used in perfumery. Hailing from the fragrant city of Kannauj, the perfume capital of India, the family are committed to preserving and maintaining the traditional practices of this history art. Their decades of experience, coupled with a dedication to quality, integrity, honesty and an emphasis on ethical business practises – from field to factory – have allowed ML Ramnarain Perfumers to create long standing business relationships and emerge as a credible name in the industry. Through it is our endeavour to share the experience of serene gifts of nature in their purest form.

“The essence of the nature becomes the fragrance of love.”



Creating the right fragrance takes more than just science; it takes the flair, the creativity, and most importantly the very instinct of a perfumer. Since its founding in 1970, ML Ramnarain Perfumers, have maintained their forefront positing in the world of Natural Perfumes locally known as “Attar” or “Itr”. Today, ML Ramnarain Perfumers remains a family firm that specializes in the manufacturing of Attars and Indian essential oils with its head office at Kannauj in the state of Uttar Pradesh in India. While domestic sales account for the larger percentage of MLRN’s topline, the firm exports essential oils in large quantities to Europe and its Attars to the GCC countries. As a matter of fact, the firm’s exports of Attars to Europe too has seen significant growth.